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Yamaha THR 30 II: Image

Yamaha THR II

The THR amplifier series has been incredibly successful for Yamaha, and the THR II was my first opportunity to design a product for the Yamaha Brand. 
Instantly iconic, the THR was a tough act to follow, and Yamaha insisted we keep the warm-tan color scheme that was so popular with the original.

My focus was on updating the overall aesthetic. Given the requirement to tool an internal sound chamber made of plastic, I used that same tool to create the external back and side profile rather than hiding it, resulting in lower production cost and incredible durability. A recessed grille with a perforation pattern inspired by Yamaha's tuning fork logo finished off the update. 

The result is a fresh new design, that is still, clearly, Yamaha THR.

Yamaha THR 30 II: Text
Yamaha THR 30 II: Work
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