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Family of products.

The PowerCab family, consisting of the PowerCab, PowerCab Plus, and PowerCab 212 Plus are a series of powered speaker cabinets for achieving that "In the Room" sound when using a modeling unit live. They are full-range capable with both traditional 112 speakers and high-frequency drivers and model the characteristics of several of the most popular guitar speakers of all time. The Plus versions allow for Impulse Responses or, IRs, to be loaded into the cabinet as well.

The construction of these cabinets was of the utmost importance as they need to be lightweight, yet road-worthy in terms of durability and, of course, they needed to sound great!

I designed these using bent plywood for its strength to weight as well as its focused acoustic properties. The handles built into the side of the 212 Plus model are also a bespoke design for this specific product. They are "invisible" in that there is no unsightly hardware or mounting features, yet they keep the cabinet sealed and are very comfortable to grab & carry. All models feature a pair of kick-back stands for more in-your-face sound reproduction.

The curved sides/back and the modern, "invisible" handles work in concert with the classy vinyl, boutique grille cloth, subdued badging, and high-quality handle to offer a product that looks both classic, and up to date. It is as comfortable on-stage with a '59 Les Paul, or Butterscotch Telecaster, as it is a 7-string guitar hammering out Djent riffs. 

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